Clint Veasey Music

I am an outsider and low-fi musician living in the North East of the UK who composes pop and ambient pieces using guitars and synthesizers. My influences include Buckethead, NIN, Talking Heads, Sérgio Mendes and the Youtube Algorithm.

As a teenager I played in cover bands and spent many hours jamming with other likeminded people, having so much fun we forgot all about gigging and the business aspect!

There is nothing better than sharing something that someone else enjoys.

I am currently writing, composing and recording around my work and family life.

handsome man

Enjoy my latest releases below

Here are some other places to listen to my music


Since 2010 Where I put albums and EPs


2011 - 2021 A collection of Demos, beats and ambient works


2020 - 2022 My youtube acct used for sharing songs and looped performances

Acoustic Performance

2014 A video of me playing at a buskers night

If you want to get in touch for some reason, then feel free to